3 Part B&W Darkroom Printing Course (1 Person)


This 3 part B&W darkroom printing course is designed to make you a confident and proficient darkroom printer! Over the three workshops, you will cover everything you need to know from the very basics to advanced techniques and culminating in printing one large scale work using everything you’ve learnt over the previous weeks.

Course details below.

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This is a private three part workshop where you will be the only person in attendance.

3 x 2.5hrs  – When you arrive you’ll be given a tour of the darkroom, a brief talk on the equipment you will be using and then get busy learning to print!

The sessions will run at a time to suit you, ideally over a maximum period of six weeks.

What we will cover:

Part 1 – Basic Printing Technique:

  • Darkroom practice
  • Making contact sheets
  • Enlarger use
  • Making test strips
  • Making basic prints

Part 2 – Advanced Printing Technique:

  • Enhancing your images
  • Using filters to adjust contrast
  • Dodging & Burning
  • Cropping images
  • Alternative & experimental printing techniques

Part 3 – Making Your Final Work:

  • Making large scale prints
  • This session is dedicated to reviewing what you’ve learnt so far, choosing one image and putting your skills set into practice to create a final piece on large 12 x 16″ paper.


Level of experience:

This is for anyone who would like a comprehensive darkroom learning experience that will allow to make beautiful prints and continue your darkroom journey with confidence.

What you need to bring:

Just bring your negatives, 35mm or 120 formats. Or we can provide negatives for you to use. Please bring something to carry your prints home in.

What we provide:

We provide all the chemistry and resin coated paper.

How many people will attend:

This workshop is for one person only.


1) Out of Peckham Rye Station turn left on Rye Lane.

2) Look for the PeckhamPlex Cinema approx. 100m on your right.

3) Walk towards the cinema then turn right and walk down the pathway beside the building until you see the door with Peckham Levels logo on it.

4) Walk up to the 5th floor and you’ll be collected by the entrance, near Old Spike Cafe. (lift and disabled access is also available)





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