Medium Format Cameras / Film Developing / Contact Sheet Printing


This is a great introduction or refresher to medium format photography. You’ll learn about medium format cameras, shoot on the street or in the studio, use hand held light meters, hand develop your film and learn how to scan your negatives. We provide cameras to use or you can bring your own. This is a bespoke workshop, so let us know if you have specific areas that you would like to focus on that would benefit your work.  This is a private workshop so we’ll organise a date and time to suit your schedule.

Course details below..

11am – Meet at the Bright Rooms, introduction to cameras and film

11.30pm – Load your camera and we’ll shoot either on the street or in the studio

12.45pm – Film developing + drying time

2pm – Making a contact sheet

What will we cover?

– Camera use

– Hand help light meters

-Film developing

– Making a contact sheet

What you need to bring:

Nothing! We’re happy for you to bring your own camera but please let us know beforehand. We also can’t guarantee the quality of your results if its a camera we haven’t tested.

What we provide:

Medium format film & cameras to use.

Level of experience:

Suitable for beginners or those who would like a refresher

Where will the course take place and how many people will attend:

The course will take place in the Bright Rooms darkroom & studio.




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