Black & White Film Developing Workshop


This is a hands on workshop where you will learn to develop film yourself. This course is suitable for everyone, the inexperienced and those who would like a refresher lesson. Weʼll take you through the whole process step by step. Youʼll also learn about the various techniques of film developing, types of chemicals that can be used and there will be an open discussion on the different types of film available and the results they can produce.

A very relaxed 2 hours where weʼre more than happy to answer your questions and help with queries you have related to you personal use of film, solve problems and advise on material and techniques that will advance you photography.


6.30pm – 8.30pm Meet us at the Bright Rooms and enjoy this film developing workshop. And if you fancy a bite to eat afterwards you have seven restaurants to choose from right upstairs!

What we will cover:

Black and white film processing (35mm & 120 films) Types of film available and how they differ. The variety of processing techniques and what youʼll need to continue developing your own film.

Level of experience:

This is for anyone who would like to learn from scratch or would like a refresher. What you need to bring: Just bring your exposed film, 35mm or 120. We will provide all the equipment and chemistry needed.

What we provide:

We provide all the chemistry and equipment.

What you need to bring:

Your exposed but undeveloped b&w film.

Where will the course take place and how many people will attend:

The course will take place in the Bright Rooms workshop with a maximum of 4 people attending. Why just 3? Because we want to make sure everyone receives the best possible learning experience.




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